I found a good looking MT Tutorial over at Tokyo Shoes. I feel like I'm using the geocities version of blogs. I know I could pay and get the ad off the page and I"m not against paying, but MT sounds like it's where the big boys blog. That's where I want to be.

I feel so used today. I spent around $140 on a record player. Only $40 on the actual turntable, but then I needed a new stylus and an phono amp so I could use it on my home system which doesn't have a phono jack. That doesn't include records, which are cheap at $1. So I bought a few that I consider classics: Michal Jackson's Thriller LP, Moody Blues Day's of Future Passed, Beach Boys Endless Summer, and a few others. They're great albums but couldn't I just of bought them on CD or more likely, downloaded them from the internet? Oh well, if I get tired of it I'll sell it on ebay.

God, it's hot as hell outside. Peace.

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