Hello everyone. I've been reading blogs for about a month and I've decided to give it a try. My goal is to have a decent blog that people will actually want to read on a regular basis. If not I'll at least have a sort of journal. The coolest blog I actually check every day belongs to Joshua Ellis at Zenarchery.com I heard about it through his column in the Las Vegas City Life. I really enjoy his writing.

I was going to post a photo taken a few months ago at the Phoenix Comicon with a really hot model/porn star, Cheyenne Silver. But alas, I figured out you can't post images to blogspot. Once I get my own web space you'll definatly see it. I don't know why since I rarely look good in photos, but I'll put it up.

This is a good test post in my opinion. I'll try to publish it now and see what happens. Laterz.

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