The Sweetness

pepperoni pizza
Uploaded by Freon.

One of the oddest moments I experienced in Kansas City was when Neon and I walked into a Pizza Parlor, Joe's Pizza I believe it was, over in Westport. We ordered our slices and sat down to eat. They had Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper at the table, and I liberally sprinkled the red pepper like I always do. Now here's where things got out of wack. Sitting right there, next to the your basic pizza condiments, sat a little bear full of honey. That's right, honey. We kind of looked at each other with a WTF look. Maybe they serve breakfast or some kind of dessert I thought to myself. It couldn't possibly be for the pizza, right? People in Missouri couldn't be that fucked up, or could they? I finally had to stand up and ask?

I went to the counter and asked the hippy looking college student,"What's the honey for?"
"People put it on their pizza," he answered, he may have thrown in a dude or man at the end.

I almost screamed and ran out of the place, instead I sat back down. My mind going into overload. Honey, on pizza? No, please say it ain't so? Why God, why? My world was about to crash, so I grabbed the honey and poured it onto my pepperoni and crushed red pepper pizza. I looked out the window and everything seemed normal, maybe this wasn't going against the natural order of things. Maybe, just maybe, honey on pizza would be ok. I took a bite and tasted the sweet golden honey mixing in with the hot bite from the pepper and it was divine. Why, in 23 years of professional pizza eating, I'd never heard of this before only God knows, but it's excellent. Delicious. Spread the word.


Kelly said...

You would be in Pizza heaven out here...ha

Kelly said...

You can be honey on my pizza ANYTIME! OW!