Crash and Burn

My sister's computer died a few days ago. I woke up and it was dead. I tried CPR but the bitch wouldn't reboot.(And yes, computers are females, and this one is a bitch. Something about computers taking on their owner's personalities or something.) I usually beat the computer into submission and have never had to call tech support, but this whore would not budge. So I called Dell support, waited less than 10 minutes, spent about 10 minutes talking to an Indian lady, judging by the accent. She seemed kind of lost on what the problem was so she skipped to replacing it which was fine by me.

Two days later, a fat tech showed up at my house, slapped a new hard drive into the bitch, rebooted and left. Gave me the sage advice that if I needed help, to call Dell. Thanks for nothing asshole, I could of done that much. Of course whatever he did didn't work. Computer was frozen. I ended up calling Dell again, speaking with a nice but slow as hell Indian fellow. "Please....type...M...as in Mary........ok, then...O as...in Oscar...." Damn dude, spit it out. He got me as far as formatting the drive and I took it from there. My first technical support experience and it wasn't that bad. I expected to spend weeks on the phone trying to draw blood from a stone. Thumbs up Dell, you expensive bastards.

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