To make resolutions for the new year or to not? What a conundrum. On one side, I make a decision to better myself, to grow as a person, to expand my interests. On the other hand, I say fuck it and go to sleep. Hmm, after 23 years of saying fuck it, who am to mess with tradition?

But alas, I'm a glutton for pain and discomfort. So I'll bite the bullet and make some resolutions for this coming year. I'm sure I can do it if I try but, well, we'll see if I try.

I couldn't think of what to do so I stole some ideas from Palinchron and that jogged my imagination and I came up with a few of my own.

  • Read 24 books, 12 of which must be non-fiction, and of the fiction only 6 can be fantasy or scifi
  • Do 10,000 situps, about 30 a day, starting tomorrow should be easy enough.
  • Start eating healthier, more veggies less pastries.
  • No more soda. Hahaha. That's a funny one. No seriously, the Pepsi I just had will be the last. Water from now on.
  • Watch more samurai movies. Hey I need some fun.
  • Be a better friend. Call people back, show up when I say I will, quit taking them for granted.
  • Build myself a computer. I built one for a friend but I want my own now.
  • Reach lvl 60 with one character in World of Warcraft.
  • Move out. This is a maybe, I'm not too sure I want to but if things go as they have been I need to get the fuck out of here. Either get a new roommate or live alone.
  • Write a comic, a good one.

Nice lofty goals, goals I can be proud of. I think we all know I'm kidding myself but maybe, just maybe.

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