Come Fly With Me

Arrived back in Vegas last night around 10pm. My plane was delayed making me 2 hours late, but that just gave me 2 extra hours to hang out with Neon so not a problem.

The flight itself was actually pretty entertaining. Because of the delay some of my fellow passengers spent their waiting time in the bar. When they got on the plane they were already well on the way to being fucked up. It was hilarious watching the flight crew try to keep them under control. But, if you can't beat them join them, advice the crew took to heart. One of the attendants, the head guy by looks of things, actually sat down with the group and chatted with them for about 40 minutes. But that's not the best part.

When we first got on, there was a women, probabely in her late 30's, sitting alone. The drunk guys, late 40's, sat right behind her and started chatting her up almost instantly. At first she seemed kind of annoyed by them and a little standoffish. They offered her free drinks, and eventually asked her to sit with them, which she accepted. She sat inbetween them and had her free drinks. By the end of the flight she was making out with one of the guys and making plans to meet up with them later.

I couldn't believe how quick she turned from a cold bitch to slut. A slut because she had a boyfriend who she was meeting in Vegas. One of their favorite phrases during the flight, which she kept repeating, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Ok, let's say that's true, it obviously made her feel better about herself saying it so much,but she wasn't even in Vegas yet. The flight into Vegas doesn't count you whore. If you're going to be a slut, at least have the common decency to do it in Vegas with everyone else. You're paying good money to do it in Vegas, if you're just going to do it on the plane then fly to Fargo, it's a lot cheaper. Slut.

Quite entertaining. A little jealous I admit. I wanted to fly the friendly skies too.

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