Another One Bites The Dust

One more year, gone, game over, adios motherfucker. God, that sounds depressing.

In retrospect, it was an average year. A rollercoaster ride now that I think of it. Best part: Cancun - 2nd time to paradise, and even my family couldn't ruin it. A man could be happy here.

Cancun 028
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I traveled quite a bit, Cancun, Kansas City, Chihuahua, Huntington Beach. Not bad, but no where near the amount I wish I'd traveled.

Good year in books. I finished Stephen King's Dark Tower masterpiece. I caught up on George R. R. Martin's fantasy epic Song of Ice and Fire. The Da Vinci Code, Jennifer Government, Quicksilver. All excellent.

Great movies: Sideways, The Passion of the Christ, Shaun of the Dead, The Girl Next Door, Garden State, Baadasssss!, Irresistible, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and too many more that I can't remember.

I got a new job, more money, that's always good. I got drunk a lot, can't complain about that. Got a new car, but then gave it back to my dad, waste of money in my opinion.

Opened the year on the Las Vegas Strip and closed it there as well. Last time though. I would much rather be at home watching New Year's celebrations from around the world on TV. Though this time around, I actually enjoyed the fireworks on the strip. All in perfect synch.

Filled up over half my iPod. That's not good. I'll need a new one before the year is over.

Yup, a good year. A good year, but thankfully it's over

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