Went to Huntington Beach a few days ago. Left early and got back to Vegas really late. Just Neon and me. It was a lot of fun, playing around in the waves and laying on the blanket together. I really needed that time together. We got lost a couple times on the way back, since I didn't print out the directions on how to get back. You'd think it would be as easy as doing the opposite of what you did on the way there, but the freeways in California don't seem to work that way. It was a great day. We're going to Kansas City in a couple days, that should be great fun as well.

I went to a promo of Without a Paddle which is funny, but a little preachy in parts when it tries to get a message across. Goddamn is Seth Green short.

Other movies I've seen lately but don't think I've mentioned:
Napoleon Dynamite - Really funny movie, must see
I, Robot - Yes it is Will Smith but he's not that bad, enjoyed more than Spiderman 2
The Village - sucked, bad, the twist was lame and easy to figure out, not scary, waste of good actors
Catwoman - enjoyed Halle Berry, movie kind of dumb, her villain is an ex model how Stripperella is that
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - Very Very Funny, I laughed the entire movie, must see if you enjoyed Road Trip, Eurotrip, American Pie, etc.
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy - unh, funny in parts, but overall forgettable

That's all I can remember. Well I'm off to work.

Listening to: The washing machine

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