Drinking Story

I have a lot to tell since I've been in Kansas City for the last week or so, but all I'm going to talk about right now is what's going on at the moment. Corpus and I went drinking at the Suncoast Casino which I get free drink tickets from a friend at the sports book. We ordered Singapore Slings, and after every SS we had a shot of Patron Silver Tequila. So we had a great buzz going. Then a couple of his friends from high school joined us and that's when the fun started. Corpus had a couple tequila shots really quickly, by this time we'd move up to Anejo instead of Silver. As I asked him how his tequila was he sprayed it out onto his shirt, he stood up and headed to the bathroom but first got some on the guy sitting behind him, a bartender who was drinking after his shift. All in all very funny. To watch not to experience. I followed him to the bathroom where some fucker was making fun of him, his shirt covered in vomit. When we made it back to the table the girls, who'd names I don't remember, said that we had to leave since he was so drunk, bar policy i guess. So as we were leaving I notice they were sitting with the bartender he'd splattered, kind of funny, but anyways we got home ok. He hit the bong a little and we decided to go eat, we ended up at Jack in the Box. Got some tacos, not bad. What was great was the car behind us had some girls in it. One of them, Shirley, came up to our window and talked with us while we waited. She was way drunk off tequila just like us, which at the moment was great, but she got distracted by the guy working the window...Oh well, slut. Anyways not a bad night...I'll get to Kansas City in the next post, it was great.

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