The Blind Swordsman

I watched Zatoichi a couple days ago at the theater. I've never seen any other movie based on this character so I have nothing to compare it to. I really enjoyed. Some of the best movies I've seen lately are Asian including: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, Hero...shit, I had a list in my head of some of the Asian flicks I've watched recently but now they elude me. Whatever, I'll edit them in if I can recall them.

Anyways, Zatoichi is fucking cool. An old and blind masseur who travels around doing good deeds, gambling, and other stuff old blind masseurs do. A Masseur? What the hell kind of job is that for a killing machine. When would he have time to learn how to give a good massage what with all the fighting evil he does. Anyways, back to the point. He's like a Jedi knight with the force. He hears and feels all the attacks that come at him. The fighting scenes in this movie are really cool. I like the way most fights go in Samurai movies. Usually it's one great swordsman against a lot of weak opponents, typical movie scene. What I enjoy is when two great swordsman meet and you know only one will live. It's very much like a showdown in a Clint Eastwood movie. The camera switches from one fighter to the other, the music builds up, faster, shot of hilt, louder, closeup of an eye, crescendo, SILENCE!, camera jumps out as they draw their swords and just like that one of them is dead. Very cool.

Aside from the great fighting the story is also good. It follows the typical samurai plot line: samurai wandering around saves village/family/child but this one has some excellent side stories as well. There's some great comic relief, good music, and awesome visuals. A must see movie.

Also watched I'll Sleep When I'm Dead which is a good British revenge movie. Not suspense's enough, since you know everything that's happened and you just watch the characters and how they react to what you already know. But still good, great acting.

Rented A Clockwork Orange. It's ok I guess. So many people have talked that movie up to me that I think I expected too much and was let down by it. Cupric movies, to me, are to sterile. The sets look to fake, not realistic. I can't believe in his world and that just throws the entire movie off for me. I really liked the threesome scene.

Listening to: Bill Clinton's Audiobook (boring me)

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