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I bought The Eye 2 on DVD about a week ago and finally got around to watching it last night. The old Mongolian clerk who sold it to me recommended it over the first one, that's why I bought it. From reviews I've read online most people like The Eye better when compared to The Eye 2. It scared me and kept me entertained so I enjoyed it.

I remember the actress, Qi Shu from a Jackie Chan movie I watched years ago called Gorgeous. She's still as beautiful now as she was then. And she's a good actress as well.

This movie is about Joey Cheng(Qi),who has just had a failed suicide, she's ignored by her ex-boyfriend, and she finds out she's pregnant. To top it all of she starts to see spirits at random places. One in particular, of a young woman, keeps re-appearing. At one point she even makes eye contact with Joey and looks at Joey's pregnant belly. Who, why, and what do they have to do with her baby is what follows.

I like the fact that the directors didn't rely solely on making the audience jump. That kind of stuff scares for a second and that's it. Instead they fucked with me psychologically. I've had moments, in the shower for example, when I close my eyes to wash soap or shampoo off my face and I hear a noise and I swear that if I open them there's going to be somebody watching me, starring at me. This movie just kept bringing those feelings up. I was alone in the dark and I kept hearing things behind me or in the other room. I was freaked. I usually don't get scared with movies but this one did it to me.

Now this might bring up recollections of The Sixth Sense, but that was not scary to me. It made me jump a few times but that's it. The dead people in that movie where all bloody and wounded and shit. In this movie they're normal, just dead, starring at you and you don't know what they want. To me that's creepier for some reason.

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