Kansas City

I took a little road trip with Neon this last week. She was returning to art school in Kansas City and I tagged along to help on the two day drive. The drive itself wasn't bad, but it did get boring. Driving through the Rocky Mts. was nice, it reminded me a lot of home and growing up in Jackson, Wyoming. We made it fine, even though we almost ran out of gas once while driving through Utah.

Kansas City has the preconception of being a hick, cow, backwards kind of town, at least with me it did. But it is really a cool town. It has major sports, great art scene, great music scene, and great entertainment areas. I love the brick buildings that make up the majority of the downtown/westport areas. Brick is great when you consider all there is in Vegas is stucco. While house searching we found this great Victorian style house built in 1901. It's three stories, each floor a separate 'apartment' and we looked at the 2nd one. It would be a great place to live. Kind of dirty though, since two guys live there, but all it needs is a womans touch. Hopefully Neon will get it.

We spent one evening at a brewery in the cigar lounge. That was so much fun. We had a couple great cigars, some good beer, and great conversation. The conversation was something I'd really missed this summer. Hanging out with Neon was the greatest part of the trip. I'm greedy, so having her all to myself was perfect.

I can't wait to go back.

Cell phone pic from a cool graveyard we walked around. It dates back to the 1800's. The graveyard, not the cell phone, dumbass.
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