Good Times

I should smoke and do drugs. I think it fits my personality. I can imagine myself as a chain smoker, lighting a cigarette with the previous one. I see people who smoke and it looks like they enjoy it so much, like it relieves the pressure. You can get lost in the smoke and escape. Too bad it smells. Drugs to seem like a good thing. To enhance or dull your emotions, your senses. To help you see things that are hidden from the rest of us. To connect you to a higher being. To make you a higher being. It sounds good. But my parents told me not to, and I listened to them. I don't really know why. Nobody else listened to their parents, why did I? It wasn't like they even made it a big deal, they probably only mentioned it a couple times, but it stuck. I guess in the long run it's a good thing. I've seen the effects on those that went too far, too long, or just plain had shitty luck. Drugs are like the Sirens, calling to you, whispering your name, drawing you towards Paradise. If you're lucky you just sail on to better things, but if you're not lucky you get pulled in, then it's up to your sailing skills and Neptune's wrath. Maybe you fight it and escape with your life, your ship battered but still floating, or maybe you lose the fight or you just give in and your ship is smashed on the rocks. Yup, goodtimes. I think I'll just stick to drinking.

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