The Evils of Liberalism

I love watching conservatives news shows, since that's all that's on TV, but I enjoy listening to the insane drivel that comes out of their mouths. They have no common sense, they're paranoid, and they can be plain stupid at times. Through Dowingba I found this site, Beyond Evil, who's tag line is 'Unmasking the moral corruption of Liberal philosophy'. Here's some of the 'unmasking' that takes place over there:
Now they look to destroy the institution of marriage; they look to destroy the idea of sexual responsibility; they look to destroy our checks and balances with their activist judges; they look to pollute our air waves with vulgarities and sexual references, they look to legalize narcotics; they look to destroy morality.

Liberalism isn't just satisfied taking a piece of the pie, it wants the whole thing. Once we allow it to have gay marriage, it'll want polygamy and then it'll adults(sic) to be able to marry kids. Just like it took the public school, it'll take marriage and any other issue we are willing to budge on.

Are you fucking serious? How do you go from gay marriage to fucking little kids. Does it really bother you that two men or two women are married? How does that affect you? Why is it your business if they are married? Just let them live their lives, they're not trying to marry you so leave them in peace. Turn the other cheek and shut the hell up.

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