Happy Birthday To Me

Well my 23rd birthday is just over. I had a great day. Took it nice and slow. I slept in, hung out with my best friend, she took me out to lunch and then cooked me dinner (excellent). We also smoked a couple cigars after dinner. She also baked an excellent cocunut cake for me. Thank you. All the important people who were supposed to remember did and called me. It's good to be remembered by the people you love.

This year I asked for donations to my 'Send My Ass To Mexico' fund instead of presents. It worked and I leave later this week. Neon did by me a linen shirt to wear while I lay on the beach with a pina colada in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. I'll talk more about my trip before I leave and my plan is to blog from the road as well.

Wow 23! Damn.

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