Wicked Wonka

I heard on the radio that Insane Clown Posse's Wicked Wonka Tour is going to be in Vegas for two shows the 1st and 2nd of October at The Huntridge. I've been a fan for a long time and was at their last show here in Vegas. It was the best show I've ever been to. They had so much stage presence and love for the crowd and the crowd loved it and had so much energy it was almost a religious experience. I've never felt that way at a concert before. Getting drenched in Faygo soda made me feel as one with the crowd and the music. I plan to be there again, for both shows if I can afford it.

I know a lot of people don't understand them and the message they are putting out (and yes there is a message underneath it all). But nobody explains it better than Violent J. Check out their latest interview on the Howard Stern Show here. Either you get them or you don't.

As I was listening to my ICP mp3 collection I ran over this song about George Bush. I'm guessing it came out around the time he was elected because that's when I originally heard about it. Anyways it still rings true today. Enjoy.

Fuck George Bush Like His Dad Did by Insane Clown Posse

There's a man we all know
Looks like his dad and has got lot's of dough
He comes from Texas and he runs the show
He's got more money then you'll ever see
That's why he wants the presidency
To stretch that all mighty dollar from sea to shining sea
He says that he's not religious
He's just puttin' his faith in the lord
Hey why take chances when your after your final reward
Well if prayin' has made him successful
Then hell I'll give it a try

So I'm prayin' I'm prayin'
I'm prayin' up to the sky
I'm prayin' I'm prayin'
I'm prayin' for George Bush to die
(I don't really want him to die man, it's a joke)

He's got rich friend waiting at home
They now what they want and know who they own
Why pay a tithe when you can pay for the throne
Cuz ruling the world's a numbers game
Just ask the meek and the sick and the lame
Cuz they can't get past the guards down on country club lane
Now he says that he's got compassion
As much as money can buy
Just don't hold your breath while your waiting for the pigs to fly by

Love and praise and innocence are like the presidency
The more you pay to get 'em the less that they leave

Rich men with problems in Texas all know
Just ask Boy George he won't say no
Unless of course you're an inmate waiting on death row
It might be youthful indiscretion
But what that means nobody knows
It must be the savings and loan he put up his nose

Now he says he's ready to lead us
At much more than 10 cents a dance
But who's really paying the tune
While we watch Georgie prance

I think of Thomas Jefferson
And it makes me want to cry
To think that the chair he sat in someone could buy

George wears his faith like a money belt
But I'll pray to ?mad time? instead
Please come back Tom and save us from King George again (and his friends)

If praying made George successful
Oh hell I'll give it a try
I'm prayin' I'm praying
I'm prayin' up to the sky
I'm prayin' I'm praying
I'm prayin' for George Bush to die
I'm prayin' (sing it) I'm prayin'
I'm prayin' like it's going out of style
I'm prayin' ya I'm prayin'
For George Bush to die


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