To Boldly Show Some Crack

I just finished enjoying the season premiere of Enterprise. While it wasn't the best Star Trek episode I've ever seen, it was very much anticipated and gave me the shot of Trek I needed to relieve the withdrawal.

I think I'll jump straight to the best part of the entire show. Near the end where T'Pol helps Trip out with his problem sleeping. She has him stimulate some pressure points on her back and while he's doing that she takes of her shirt and the side of her breast is visible. And when she sat down you saw some ass crack I could not believe I was seeing this on a Star Trek show. Sure the last two seasons have had their fair share of sexuality especially concerning T'Pol, but this was more than before. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining, in fact I enjoyed it. If that makes me guilty of falling for the lowest denominator than so be it. I enjoy Star Trek, and I enjoy scantily clad women, and when you combine them together, in the right context, they can only enhance each other.

Here's a pic of T'Pol's new look, which I feel is better. My guess is that since she left the Vulcan High Command, she is now wearing Vulcan civilian clothes. That seems logical to me. That would also explain why she has a new haircut. Her longer hair would also indicate civilian life vs. the usual military cut we are used to. Or I could just be looking WAY to deep into things but that's a fan's job, isn't it?


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