Well, I just found out I have a bench warrant out for my arrest. I guess that's kind of cool in away. See I got a ticket sometime last year for reckless driving and my lawyer had it reduced and I'm supposed to be paying what was left on a monthly basis. But I forgot to make the last two payments. Totally didn't even think about them until today. I'm hoping that all I have to do is pay the rest off and that the fine doesn't go back to it's original sum of $1150. We'll see. I won't be able to pay it off until next check, so I'm hoping I don't get pulled over between now and then.

Other than that I had a great dinner with Marcela from work. We went to some Italian joint called Bucca de Peppo or something like that. They serve in family portions only so we shared some fresh mozzerala and tomato appetizer and then some excellent shrimp scampi. Then we went to the movies and saw Break Up which was very fitting seeing what I'm going through. That movie really opened up my eyes to some of the things I do that cause friction with people. But like in the movie, even though you realize what the problem is, you can get to the point where it's to late to fix it, even if you want to. So moving on is really the only way. I just hope I never have a scene like the last one in the movie. They run into each other a year or so later. They say the expected formalities, and greetings, and then they part. As they both walk away they turn and look at each other and smile. That would just be akward. I guess that's why I like to remain friends with them. To meet someone you loved and lived with and who was a huge part of your life and now they no longer are, they're just some person you know and have an obligation to say hi to. That's not what I want.

Well it's off to sleep.


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