Took a trip to the other side of Vegas last night with Chatterjee. We cruised over to the Divebar on East Tropicana to check out The Capricorns. They're described by the local alt-weekly as "casio-driven party pop," which after listening to on myspace, I decided I liked. I was really stoked to check them out, I guess they're huge on the indie scene and I wanted to see what it was all about. Plus I haven't been to a show in a long time so this was going to be cool. I was expecting a small, dingy little hole in the wall but the Divebar is pretty cool. It is small but I liked that about it, you get to be right up with the band. Plus the bartender was hot, blonde with extra large breasts, that's always nice. Not only was she hot, but she was nice which is very rare. We ordered some drinks and sat down to wait. That's when some old dudes get up on stage and grab the instruments. The proceed to tell us the Capricorn's van broke down in Colorado and won't be making it tonight. Then they proceed to play some covers. It sucked. Sorry but it did. So we finished our beers and left. Ended up in a bar closer to home playing pool. It was good quality time with Chatterjee but I didn't get to see a show. I guess we missed a fight, the bartender talks about it on her blog so maybe we shouldn't have left so early. I've never actually seen a barfight, but the way she describes it, it was more of a ass kicking then a fight, but that would have made my night. Overall a good time.

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