The last day of the year has arrived. Things have changed extremely from a year ago, but in the overall picture, (which I like to pretend I can see) I'm at the same place I was 365 days ago. I was searching on myspace.com for some of the people I graduated high school with and what I found was very depressing. I found a profile for Bob. I always considered Bob a slacker, a pothead, he hung out with the grungy kids, not somebody I would picture 'making' so to say. Yet he's out of college with a chemistry degree, he works in San Diego as a chemist, has a wife and a baby. I'm glad he's successful, he was always a cool kid, I guess I'm just jealous.

Well enough bitching. A new year is arriving, time to clean house, kick all the old shit to the curb. It's as good a time as any to change for the better. I made some new year's resolutions last year and only met one of them. So this year I will make none and meet all, yes, score. Anyways, we'll see how this year goes. I see good potential, I can work with the cards that have been dealt to me this time around, hopefully I can turn this pair into a jackpot. I also see Thailand on the horizon, don't know why, last year it was Cuba and that didn't work out.

Here's to a great year, much improvement, cheers!!!

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Anonymous said...

It makes me smile that you are blogging again! To new years and new beginnings. Also, I did find someone with Showtime, a chica I work with... still you feel free to tape them for me and we may be able to work something out... kisses, me