You must remember, a Cheetah, born and raised in the wild, will always be a wild animal. Wild animals don't do well in captivity. Oh, they may at first, who wouldn't enjoy all the perks, regular feedings, warm place to sleep, etc. But even a golden cage is still a cage. The Cheetah will get restless and anxious. They'll pace the cage, their eyes on freedom which lies beyond the bars. It is usually at this point, when she will attack, hurting you or herself in the process.

I let Cheetah go today, before she could attack. Maybe I'm giving up on something great but I couldn't take the risk of getting hurt again. I guess now I'll never no if the juice was worth the squeeze.

Fun with metaphors. My life can summed up in a metaphor. Take this for example:

Paradise lies out there, somewhere across the ocean. I've been looking my entire life. I go from island to island looking for perfection, for the happiness that is Paradise. Every island offering me her charms, showering me with gifts, enticing me to stay. But every time I look back out across the horizon, I feel Paradise calling. The problem is, how will I know Paradise when I find it? How do I know I haven't already found it, and left looking for better? Does Paradise exist? Will my ship even go that far? Maybe I should just settle with close to perfect. I've had the honor of visiting some great islands, islands I hated leaving. Maybe they were the best that this ocean has to offer.

Wow that sounds depressing, I'm really not though. I've seen this coming for several days, so it's not a surprise. But it does suck.

You're free Cheetah, free to run. Free to be a Cheetah.


Anonymous said...

i am sorry that you felt like you had to let your cheetah run free...you can still party with tech and i when i come visit... :) if he says its okay of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think that there isnt a paradise but people want to believe that there is. People want to believe this cause they think that there is always something more and something better out there for them and in some cases. actually a lot of them, there isnt. I think you want this place because you've been hurt so many times. But God does have a plan for you and one day you will realize what that plan is. But until the dont settle for the one you can live with, wait for the one you cant't live without. And I think that you will be the happiest man in the world, if you just believe in God and yourself. I hope things get better for you.

Anonymous said...

dont forget, its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all:)