Rosario The Great

I watched Alexander a few days ago. It's pretty bad. It's sad that the only good thing about the movie is the beautiful naked body of Rosario Dawson. Wow. After almost falling asleep during Colin Farrel's monologues, her fight/sex scene really woke me up. Alas it was over much to quick, but its memory will remain forever. Anyways, the movie was boring. Right up there with Troy. Crap. Gay, bi, straight, I don't really care which team Alexander played for. But that's all the movie was about. Fucking his best friend isn't what made him Great. Mention it, show it, then move the fuck on to the conquering. And Colin Farrel, come on now. If you want Alexander to be blonde then get a blond actor. Don't put Colin in a blonde wig and let his black beard show, it makes him look...stupid. I was going to say gay(not in a sexual way), but maybe that's what they were going for.

Final word...this movie was bad. Cool vistas, great costumes (actually the Persians looked fucking cool), awesome use of a harem (more movies should have them), it's good to be King, but in the end the story was shit, the acting was lackluster, and highly dissapointing. Since I couldn't find screencaps I leave you with this: sweet Rosario

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