Hey Lover

I went to the bookstore tonight. I wanted a white chocolate mocha and I wanted to read, so that's the perfect place. I looked at a travel guide to Cuba. I really want to go there even though it will most likely be illegally because of the double standard the US holds towards Cuba. Then I sat in a sofa chair and read A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. Excellent book and series by the way. Dare I say better than Robert Jordan's? Aye, I believe so.

As I sat there and read I also looked up and watched my fellow patrons. Some browsed, some read, and other just chatted with each other. One particular girl really caught my eye. The way she was dressed was so appealing to me. She had on grey dress pants, most likely mens by the cut of the pockets. They were baggy and hung low on her hips. She had two long sleeve shirts, tight, low cut. I really like this style, where two different colored shirts are layered and the top one is shorter than the bottom one. She also had a scarf on and a cool wool jacket and short black hair. Not the most beautiful girl I've ever seen but something about her really got to me. And she was in the fantasy/sci-fi section. Then her boyfriend, or some guy I'm just assuming is her boyfriend, came up behind her and put his hands around her waist. Kind of killed my moment. LL Cool J's Hey Lover played in my head:

Last week I saw ya at the mall

standing at the pay phone bout to make a call
I had a vision it was me on the other end
telling you come by and then you walked in
I touched you gently with my hands
we talked about traveling the distant lands
escaping all the madness out here in the world
becomin my wife no longer my girl
then, you let your dress fall down to the floor
i kissed you softly and you yearned for more
we experienced pleasure unparallel
into an ocean of love we both fell
swimming in the timeless, currents of pure bliss
fantasies interchanging with each kiss
undying passion unities our souls
togehter we swim until the point of no control
but its a fantasy it(that,you) won't come true
we never even spoke and your man (still) love you
so I'm gonna keep all these feelins inside
keep my dreams alive until the right time

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