Romantic Comedy...Oxymoron

I just finished watching Breakin' All the Rules, a romantic comedy starring Jamie Foxx. I love romantic comedies. they exagerate all the problems in relationships but they always end up working out. I guess I wish that would happen to me. Kind of sappy I know, but it's true. I talk and act all that player shit but deep down all I want to do is fall in love and be loved. But the kind of love you see in these movies, it doesn't exist. I've never encountered it. Anyways, I recommend this movie.

It's odd that in the special features, this movie includes a Three Stooges short. "Hoi Polloi" which frankly, I thought sucked. It had nothing to do with the movie, and it sucked on it's own. It was fucking lame. I haven't watched many Three Stooges clips but after this one I have no desire to.


Psychobabble said...

I didnt see any 3 stooges short! HAHA Maybe cos I got the bootleg on the street corner!

Freon said...

Lucky you. :)