Movie Update

Ok so what have I done lately. I saw Shaun of the Dead, very very funny. It hit on all the questions I've ever had about zombie movies, like what would the zombies do if you acted like one of them? Would they be able to tell you were a fake? This movie was great. It's a romantic comedy disguised as a zombie flick and that may sound stupid but it's dyn-o-mite.

I also went to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I heard it sucked but I was in the zombie state of mind so I went. I liked it. It was better then the first one. A lot of action and ass kicking. I don't know how close it is to the video games since I never played those but it makes me want to play them. The women were hot. Nothing like a girl in a skirt with a big gun. Very fun movie. What was even funnier was watching all the zombie tricks that Shaun made fun of still being used in Resident Evil.

Took my grandma to watch The Forgotten. We both liked it. I jumped a few times. More out of surprise than fear. I enjoyed it even though I knew what was happening. I figured it out from watching the trailer. But even though I knew it was fun watching it unfold. I also recommend this one.

I missed the Renaissance Fair because of work. And the last debate. Fuckers, I'm always scheduled when cool shit happens. Plan for tonight: rent some movies and have a drink with the homies. Movies: SLC Punk - I've seen it but none of them have, Cannibal Holocaust - which I finally found online and downloaded. That should make for a goodnight.

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