Sore Throat

I've been sick for about a week and a half. At first it was just a minor sore throat, I thought it would be gone in a couple days. And it was getting better, but I ended up going out over the weekend instead of staying in and resting. We were drinking out by my the pool in my complex, and it was cold. So my throat ended up getting worse. I worked Sunday but Monday and today I called in sick. I couldn't speak worth a damn. Not very good when your job requires you to be on a phone all day. I'm getting better, lot's of tea and soup have helped. I've spent the days watching four straight hours of Star Trek on Spike TV. DS9 and TNG. I've been lucky so far that most of them have been new episodes to me. After that I surf the web and listen to the news or some other random show. Boring except for the Trek, I actually wish I was at work. They pay me to be bored. I hope something interesting happens soon to blog about.

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