Garden State

I love movies like this. A slice of life movie, but a slice that I give a fuck about. It all comes down to the feelings it brings out in you. I watched it with Mike and Kelsey, two people that have just been dumped by their significant others. The movie shows the main characters fall in love and mature. Mike saw hope in the movie, that he would find love. Kelsey saw bullshit. A totally unbelievable ending because it's a happy one. I understand their opposing views and agree with both. I am bitter from past relationships like Kelsey but I still have hope for a romance straight out of the movies. Realistic? Probably not, but you have to believe in something better.

Speaking of Mike getting dumped, he keeps asking for my advice on what he should do. How the fuck should I know. I can barely handle my own life, I probably shouldn't be giving out advice...especially while drinking but I digress.

Mike: She said she'd call me back and that was three days ago.
Me: She's probably too busy fucking someone else.
Mike: What? Oh my god, my life sucks I want to kill myself. (emo kid to begin with)
Me: Oh no, I'm sure that's not it, she's probably busy working.
Mike: All day, with no breaks, for three day's straight? She doesn't have five minutes to pick up the phone?
Me: True. Ok, she's fucking somebody. Want a beer?
Mike: Ya a Bud Light.
Me: Dude, quit being a pussy and get a real beer.*

So as you can see, I'm a little too jaded to be giving out relationship advice. But they ask, so I must share in the wisdom.

Listening to: Wonder Why They Call You Bitch - Tupac Shakur

*elaborated a smidge

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