Things On My Mind

1. I've been thinking about getting my own domain address, but I'm having a hard time deciding what it should be. Should I keep using the Freon persona, begin using my real name, or fashion a totally new handle? That's the hardest question. Where should I host it? sustainablehost.com sounds like a cheap place and they look like they can run MovableType which I want to start using. But there's also some local hosts that I've had recommended to me. As soon as I get a day off where I have some time to do it, I'll decide what to do and do it.

2. I also want to start a blog to deal with the trip to Mexico I'm planning. It will probably take place March 2003 around my birthday. My two cousins will accompany me as I tour the motherland. I want a place to put up photo's of the trip and post thoughts and comments as well. I might make it a group blog, and have my cousins post as well. Since they don't know English, it would be a multicultural site. Every post will be in both English and Spanish, with me doing the translating. So hopefully I'll have time soon to get all this going.

3. I've been wanting to get a dog for a very long time. The problem has been deciding what kind. I guess the price is really the biggest obstacle. So I visited the Dewey Animal Shelter but didn't see anything I wanted. Mostly Pitbull's, which are pretty but I don't have the attitude(balls) for one of those.

Top 5 Dogs(random order)
Siberian Husky
Red Bone Coonhound
Old English Sheepdog

Since I won't be able to shell out $400 or more for a dog anytime soon I'll just keep visiting the dog shelters and see what I can find.

4. I've been reading Quicksilver and it is really good. So far there isn't much action, but I love the history and the politics. Neal Stephenson is great.

5. I also just read the latest issue of Sleeper by Ed Brubaker. He is such a good writer and the comic is excellent. The only comic that I can rate a 10 on every issue. After 11 issues I'm still impatient for the next one, that rarely happens with comics. Usually I read a title for a few months then realize that I just don't really care for the story. Sleeper, Rex Mundi, and Y the Last Man are the exceptions to the rule.

6. Damnit I'm getting tired and can't think of what else to say. Nobody really cares anyways.

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