Closet Rivethead

I think I'm a closet Rivethead. At least when it comes to the bedroom I am. For a very long time I've wanted to decorate my room like a vampire lair. Dark, metal, concrete, black light, etc. Electric Metal describes it perfectly in step 1 of How To Be Industrial: A Rivethead's Guide:
[Industrialise your bedroom]

* Permissible colours: black. A hint of dark grey is also acceptable. Rust brown may also be acceptable in some circumstances (i.e. in rust).

* Basic materials: metal, concrete.

* Furniture: minimalist, metal, uncomfortable, preferably built from girders or scrap metal. Your shelves could also be held up with breezeblocks.

* Ornaments/decoration: spiky things, rusty chains, tools/powertools, chainsaws, metal cables, barbed wire, computer cables, electrical tape, gas masks, skulls/skeletons, also (obviously) huge posters of industrial bands or films.

* Vital items: technology is the key word here. Therefore you must have: stereo (with huge speakers - let the world share your love of industrial and noise, and make sure they can not just hear it but feel it as well); TV; DVD player; VCR; computer; anything else you can lay your hands on with buttons, dials, levers, flashing lights, etc on it. It doesn't have to do anything, just be stacked up looking scary and technological and overwhelming to any non-rivethead who dares enter into your domain. Also required is a large stack of industrial CDs (vinyl is so outdated darling), DVDs, videos, dystopian fiction, etc.

* Floor coverings: carpet is a big no-no. Only metal flooring is acceptable.

Step 2: Pets for Rivetheads seems to fit as well. Interesting...

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