Dark Side of the Moon

I just got through watching a really great movie. Love The Hard Way with Adrien Brody, is a movie that never got the recognition it deserved, even after Brody won his Oscar. I enjoyed everything about it. It's one of those movies that has the tendency to pull my strings. The emotions expressed on screen resonate with the emotions within me. They're not the exact same, but they are parallel to each other.

It reminded me of feelings I had awhile ago. Feelings of blaming myself for someone else's problems. Of being scared of what the outcome would be if I wasn't there. Anger for wanting to leave. Anger for not leaving. There were happy times. But were they worth it? My life was heading in one direction but got side swiped by a fucking Winnebago. All semblance of control was lost, and now that it's finally back on track, I don't know if it's the right track anymore. Best laid schemes....

It's weird, the things a movie will make you think. That's their job though, isn't it? It's also awkward writing them down. I told myself that this was my space, to say what I want to say. But when you know the people that will read your thoughts personally, it almost feels like I shouldn't speak freely. But fuck it. Like I said, this is my place. The truth hurts, and I haven't said anything that's not true.

Jesus, this post got out of hand quickly.

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