Ice House Lounge Review

I checked out the Ice House Lounge last night with a co-worker. I've heard a lot about the place, all of it good, but I was really disappointed with it. First time I heard about the Ice House, I imagined that bar from a James Bond movie where everything is made of ice. I knew this was to much to expect but that would have been cool.
We show up around 10:30 pm on a Saturday night and take a seat at the bar. I look around the joint, then look at the bartender, "Where's the ice?" So the entire building isn't made of ice, I understand that, but I expect some ice. Maybe a frozen water fall in a corner, or a table made out of ice, is that too much to ask. Even some big blocks of ice scattered around would have been nice. Nope, all they have is a piece of ice embedded in one side of the bar, which is supposed to keep your drinks cold but only on that side of the bar. The other three sides have poker machines. That was it for the ice.
They do have some cool furniture but the walls need a paint job, the bathroom is full of nail holes that need covering up, it's too bright for a lounge, I don't even remember what kind of music was playing but it wasn't that good, and the bar is a little small.
They do have Fat Tire beer but even that isn't so rare in Las Vegas like it used to be. Most places have it. I had two but one of the glasses must of been dirty or soapy because it tasted like shit.
Very disappointing, the only way I'll go back is maybe for some special event, like a band or a party or something interesting. To many other cool places around town to drink at.

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Kelly said...

Thats a bummer that they can;t afford a couple blocks of ice...hmm.