Cooler Lounge

Nick and I hit up the Cooler Lounge tonight after work. The only reason I wanted to go is because is because there was a burlesque show there tonight which I heard about on Las Vegas Hidden. Babes in Sin had a show tonight along with punk band Reno Divorce. The burlesque show was kind of lame. Ok it was totally lame. Not what I expected at all. Only two girls danced, they were cute but the dancing left a lot to be desired, so did the music and costumes. The band wasn't too bad. Sounded a little like Pennywise. I couldn't really make out what they were saying but I have that problem with punk music, but Nick seemed to like them

The Cooler Lounge has Fat Tire for $3.25, a little steep but Fat Tire is delicious. Overall the place isn't bad, a little small, punkish looking but fun, a very cute and flirtatious bartender. Blond, great ass, great cleavage, knows how to mix a drink, what else can you ask for?

Blue Angel from Babes in Sin


Deady TIger Lily said...

Deadly Tiger Lily here from Babes in Sin Burlesque. Sorry that the last show was not up to what you though it was. To be honest it WAS a Wednesday and it was already known that it would be a smaller show than our weekend ones. Our next performances will be at The May First Friday After Party at the Aruba Hotel and then May 21 at the Cooler Lounge. I hope you can stop by one and give us another change to change your mind.

Deady TIger Lily said...

I forgot to mention that not all the performers in the show were there that night as it was a weeknight.


Blue Angel said...

WOW! A Flat Tire beer drinker? So you're the guy that helped us get rid of some of that shit. So what did you expect? I'd like to know what your knowledge of Burlesque is in general. By the way you described my cousin, it souonds like you would have been better off at Lil Darlins. I'd also like to know how you can say Reno Divorce sounds like Pennywise? How do you compare how punk bands sound since you clearly stated you have a problem with punk music. For the record, they sound like Social Distortion. Do us all a favor, stick with the titty bars. They seem to hold more desire for you. There's more girls and their 'dancing' is so chreographed.

Blue Angel said...

corrections (it happens when typing while trying to keep the verbal daggers back)
oh, and don't think i do not know how to spell the beer. that's our affectionate name for it. you might as well come down to the bar (on a weekday) and take the promo banner. I'm sure someone like you would love have it in you garage.

Freon said...

Are you serious about us picking up that banner? Cuz I'll take it.
And about your cousin, that was a compliment, sure it sounded a little vulgar, but I was drunk when I wrote it, give me a break.
And I don't think being compared to Pennywise is a bad thing is it? They're a good band. I don't have a problem with punk music, I just don't listen to much of it. The problem was I had a hard time hearing his lyrics over the music.

And thank you both for responding. We would love to catch you again on First Friday.

Blue Angel said...

yes, i am serious about the banner. we, unfortunately, do not sell enough of that stuff. i bartend on sundays. that's when you can come in and get it from me.
; )