Breaking the Law

I'm at work at the moment. Probably shouldn't be online since I could get fired, but what the hell. So some updates on my life at the moment:

1. My grandma is finally in the process of buying a house. We tried for this cool condo a couple weeks ago but the deal fell apart. Now we found a house, not a bad one but it's kind of far up north, but oh well. I'll finally be out of my parents house and back on my own. How I miss my solo days. Move in day around April 1st.

2. Bought plane tickets and reserved rooms in Chicago for May 20 - 24, for Neon and I. Our first vacation together. I can't wait. We've both wanted to visit Chicago for a long time, her for the Art Institute and me for the sports and just for the experience. Hopefully I'll get to check out the Cubs while I'm there. Good times coming.

3. Enjoyed Constantine. I agree that a different actor could have put more emotion in to the part compared to what Keaneu(?) did, but overall I liked the movie. I really like movies that revolve around Catholic dogma, demons and angels, and religion in general.

More to come if I can think of any, plus I better get off the net.

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