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I've been scanning several Matrix forums, reading what the masses have to say on the latest movie, and I've decided I might as post my view on the movie. Beware this will spoil the movie for you. It's late and I'm tired and I jump around a lot but you get the main points in this.

The movie starts with Neo in the Mobil Ave train station which is Limbo. It's a place between the Matrix and the Real world. The Machines use it to load programs into the Matrix or to delete them. Here Neo meets Sati and her parents. What makes this important is that Sati is the child of two programs. Programs that are in love. This takes Neo by surprise. Love is a human emotion, how can programs experience it and have a child because of it. Ramakandra, the father, explains that love is just a word. A word that stands for a connection, which two programs can share. But they are forbidden from having a child so they've negotiated with the Merovingian to allow Sati to take her parents place. They sacrifice themselves for their child. This shows Neo that they do in fact 'love' Sati.

Neo gets out of Limbo, talks to the Oracle who talks more about choices you choose by not choosing and what not. Zion is breached by Sentinels, great fighting sequence ensues. Neo goes to the Machine's City with Trinity. On the way he fights Bane who is really Agent Smith. Neo wins but his eyes are burned out. He can still see with out them. He sees light emanating from the Machines. As they near the City they are attacked and end up flying upwards. They break out of the clouds and see the sun for the first time in the Real World. They crash down to earth and land in the city. Trinity is killed in the crash, but Neo goes on. He is confronted by the Deus Ex Machina. He makes a deal with them that if he destroys Agent Smith they will make peace with the humans. This is accepted because the Machines have lost control of Agent Smith and he will infect them as well and destroy them because he is a virus.

The plug Neo back into the Matrix, he fights Agent Smith who earlier attacked the Oracle and took over her body. So he has the Oracle's Eyes now. He can see what she used to see. The fight is long and neither one is losing because they are one and the same. Same coin, two different sides. Agent Smith asks Neo why he fights, why he does anything at all when he knows it is inevitable for him to lose. Neo answers 'Because I choose to...' which is the whole point of the entire trilogy. Choice. What is real? What ever you choose it to be.

Neo remembers what the Oracle said earlier about every beginning having an end. He allows Agent Smith to enter him like Smith tried in Matrix2 but this time Neo doesn't fight him off. Agent Smith takes over Neo's body but since that was his beginning, he is destroyed. Agent Smith the virus was made when Neo entered Smith in Matrix1. By entering Neo in Matrix3 he completes they both are destroyed. In the real world the Machines drag Neo away and Neo looks very Christ like.

The Machines stop the attack on Zion and the war is over. There is a scene with the Oracle and the Architect talking. The Architect says that humans will now be given a real choice on staying or leaving the Matrix. Some, like Cypher from Matrix1, will want to stay, others will leave. The Machines will be able to survive off of these volunteers. Humans will be able to build and try to fix the world again with the Machines as partners. The Matrix will also be the home now to those programs that don't want to be deleted.

Neo sacrificed himself, not only for the humans, but for the Machines as well. He saved them both and fashioned a peace between them. A great ending in my view.

***Spoiler End***
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