Reality TV Superheros

What is WildGuard?
WildGuard is a made-for-TV superteam. An "American Idol" for superheroes, hundreds of heroes converge to try out for this reality TV show. Yet, only five will be chosen to fill WildGuard's roster.

We as the readers have the oppurtunity to vote for the teams fifth member, by going to
wildguard.com. There's also a contest on who the final five wil be.

All this will take place in the six issue mini-series by Todd Nauck, known for his long run on DC's Young Justice. Look for Wildgaurd at you favorite comic book store in September.

This sounds like a great idea to me. Below is my choice for team member. She's hot (literally) and seems like she would be fun to read about.
Go place your vote.

Powers/abilities: Pyro kinetic, fire manipulation

copyright Todd Nauck 2003


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