Another Movie About Killer AI

I've watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines twice now. I enjoyed it both times. Not as good as it's predecessor Terminator 2: Judgment but still an enjoyable action film. The key word in that sentence is action. To me an action movie consists of a lot of explosions, guns, car chases, gratuitous sex scenes, one-liners, heroes, villains and more explosions. All of that built around a loosly fit plot. Action movies are not meant to make you think to much, just enjoy the explosions. T3 is an action film, T2 was more. Unfortunatly I have not watched T2 in years but memory recalls it as deep. T3 is shallow but still entertaining. It tries to engage your brain with talk about fate and destiny, but atleast to me, it failed.

I wish John Conner had been played by Edward Furlong instead of Nick Stahl, but I guess I can see Stahl as an older Furlong. The rest of the cast was appropriate.

I'm not forgetting Arnold. He looks damn good for a man his age. Almost to good. My favorite line of the movie is when he tells Claire Dane's character to "RELAX".

The one problem I did have with the film was the end. It was left wide open for a sequel. The first to Terminator movies both seemed to end with the world being saved. Again I'm recalling them from memory since I haven't watched them. T3 seems more like the first part of a double feature or even a trilogy. The film was moving along at a good pace and then it seems like the director ran out of film and told them to "wrap it up, we'll finish next year."

Part of me is happy they made a T3, but a part of me wishes they'd left it at T2. Judgment Day had a great end. Hopefully Terminator 4: He's Back* will be up to par.


*Not actual title ;-p

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