Fuck I was angry on my way home tonight but it's not worth it. You can only help someone and try to be their friend for so long before you have to face the facts and come to the realization that they don't want you in their life. Or her boyfriend doesn't want me in her life, either way, it amounts to the same thing. Consider it done Aubree, this will be the last post to mention you, I won't contact you again, or reply to any messages from you. I don't care if he feels so insecure with himself that he can't let you have me as a friend but you should know better. I'm not just going to step back and wait until the relationship falls apart, which it will, mark my words, so that you can come back and ask me to be your friend again once it's convenient. You're either my friend or you're not and you seem to have chosen the latter. Good-bye and good luck.

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Kelly said...

hey aubree, if you view this, just as few words of wisdom you were the "new" girlfriend" that wanted to keep me away from ALex. Doesnt feel so nice does it. You should not take such a giving person for granted. ALex...you are worth so much more, if someone is so easily influenced by someone else's useless opinions, then they are not worth your time.