I've been surfing the web and here are some cool things I've found today.

Aerial photographs of Mexico City's neighborhoods. This page has some amazing photographs, almost surreal. Some very cool architecture as well.

"Maid in Japan" cafes treat geeks like lords. This would be great. Asian girls all dressed up in anime costumes and serving you food. Wonderful.

Sex Tips For Geeks: On Being Good In Bed. Haven't read this one yet, but it sounds like good stuff.

This guy hacked his myspace profile so it doesn't look like all the others. It actually looks like a regular blog page. I'm going to use his code to do something similar with mine even if it does violate the myspace rules.

Make T-shirts easily and cheaply with Spreadshirt.com

Silkroad Online.
MMPORPG. Free. 'nuff said.

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