Dark Skies

I ended up going to the Dark Skies campout, Saturday, with Tim, or Gray as he introduced himself to people. It was organized by the Las Vegas Community Artists Group and they actually did a good job. From what I can recall through my rum induced haze, there was about 30-35 people there. Big bonfire, but it was still fucking cold, though the rum helped that. It was a billed as "10 of the most aggressive DJs in town kick your ass for 13 hours straight, plus fire, art, and pancakes!" Vegas isn't know for great DJs, so '10 of the most aggressive' doesn't really mean much. Plus I'm not big on techno and it's derivatives so I can't say the music was that great. But they did go on for 13 hours. In fact, I went to my car and listened to Wu Tang at one point, just to clear my head a little.

I met a lot of cool people there. Both young and old. A lot of them veterans from Burning Man. They all hope that this will grow, maybe not to BM proportions, but to something a lot bigger than this time.

Here's some pics.

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